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The source of legal status in this container is Inpadoc data from the European Patent Office, covering a variety of entries, procedural steps, and post-grant events from over 40 50 patenting authorities. Premium Plus subscribers also receive legal status data in English from our new Chinese data source (see Chinese Data Improvements for more details). Content and coverage varies, and all legal status codes are country-specific.





Letter designation that groups event codes into categories which are of particular importance to the prosecution of a patent and share a common theme. Class is available in the frontfile beginning in March 2020. See ST.27 for more information.

Some examples include:

    • C=Application revival, i.e., events related to the revival, reinstatement or restoration of an application after it has been discontinued
    • P=Document modification, i.e., events related to modifications of an application, IP right document or other document, which occur outside the context of a pre-grant review or IP right review
dateDate of public notification (YYYYMMDD), e.g., gazette date
countryCountry is represented by a standard 2-character code based on WIPO ST.3.
code1-4 character code. Legal status codes are country-specific. See the links above for more information.
impact+ , -, or neutral