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The response serialization for each service is dictated by the HTTP header Accept. The following table lists the possible return formats. Each format will be is described in the response section of the respective service method. Not all formats are applicable to all requests.








XHTML currently unused but may be supported in the future


CDWS determines the serialization method of the output in the following order:

  1. HTTP header: Accept
  2. Query parameter: content-type
  3. Pre-defined default per service (JSON with the exception of /text which defaults to XML)

Typically, clients will have their own method of setting request HTTP headers.


The following examples use the UNIX wget command line utility.


Code Block
wget -O- \
  --header 'x-user: x' \
  --header 'x-password: y' \


Example 2: setting the content-type as a query-string parameter


Although the serialization is predetermined by the request content-type, the response format for for each service group differs. The response formats will be are described under their respective service groups:

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