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This custom text web service Text Web Service (TWS) returns an application number-centric, merged representation of one or more CLAIMS Direct documents. This service:


ucidThe CLAIMS Direct application unique character identifier (ucid)
countryThe country of filing
doc_numberThe CLAIMS Direct formatted application filing number
doc_number_originalThe original formatted, national application filing number
dateThe filing date
kindThe application kind code
langLanguage of application
formatfixed: ifi. The format of document numbers and ucids. For exceptions, see doc_number_original
famThe simple family identifier
effectiveThe earliest filing date, which may be the date of the corresponding PCT filing, of an earlier non-provisional parent filing, or may be the same as the filing date listed in the application-reference when no earlier filing exists
entity_statusUS only; Description of filing entity based on number of employees, possible values are micro, small, large, or unknown
claims_totalTotal number of claims (if available)
patent_statusA simplified enumeration of the CLAIMS Direct patent status
relationEnumeration of relationship (continuation or division)
parentIf a continuation or divisional relationship (see relation), this will hold the parent application ucid
assigneeThe current assignee
ptaPatent term adjustment (extension) in days


An English-language abstract, where available, and the original-language abstract (as determined by language of publication)
Description (as described under abstract_en/abstract_original)
Claims (as described under abstract_en/abstract_original)


Additional members of the tws_application which contain substructures follows.


inventorsinventorAn array of all inventors
ucidCLAIMS Direct application ucid
countryPriority filing country
doc_numberPriority application number
kindPriority kind code
datePriority filing date
The earliest priority excluding provisional applications
ucidCLAIMS Direct publication ucid
countryCountry code
doc_numberPublication number
kindPublication kind code
datePublication date
langPublication language
An array of all publications tied to the root application number
ucidCLAIMS Direct publication ucid
countryCountry code
doc_numberGranted document number
kindGrant kind code
dateGranted publication date
langGranted language of publication
The published granted patent
ucidCLAIMS Direct publication ucid
countryCountry code
doc_numberNational granted document number
kindNational grant kind code
dateNational grant publication date
langNation grant language of publication
The published national granted patent
langLanguage of title
titleText content of title
The titles array condenses the title(s) of all stages into a language-distinct array
simple_familyucidAn array of ucids which make up a simple family
extended_familyucidAn array of ucids which make up the extended inpadoc family
cpcAn array of all CPC
eclaAn array of all ECLA
ipcrAn array of all IPCR
ipcAn array of all IPC
The classifications array contains all classifications condensed into a unique set per classification type
numClaim number
typeType of claim (dependent or independent)
refsIf a dependent claim, a list of claim numbers on which this claim depends
The claims_hierarchy member outlines the claim dependencies




 @idString: ex. US-5551212[,EP 0700000]One or more application or document numbers to retrieve. Multiple @ids are separated by commas.

 @include-optionalInteger: ex. 1The default response contains a subset of available content. To include all available content (as denoted above under Content), set this parameter to 1.

 @includeString: ex. inventorsInclude only a subset of optional content.

 @excludeString: ex. publicationsExclude particular content.

 @include-onlyString: ex. effectiveIncludes only the content specified. The top-level ucid member is always included by default.

 @originString: ex. EP or WO

When the origin of an application input is either EP or WO, this parameter should be specified. If there are multiple @ids, input of origin-per-id is accomplished through subscripts. For example, assume two input ids


You could specify origin specifically for the FR document as follows:


If origin is specified without a subscript and there are multiple input ids, the origin specified applies to all inputs.

 @dateInteger: ex. 19960101

If given, this parameter increases performance and confidence in the input-matching process. The same method of explicitly targeting a specific input with origin applies to date as well, e.g.,