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This page contains notifications of upcoming content changes.

For more information about past changes, please see the Release Notes.

Past notifications of required replacements received from our data sources can be found here.

Table of Contents

August 2019: CPCI (CPC-International) replaces CPC and CPCNO

The EPO has announced that CPC-International will be rolled out starting with the next DocDB data delivery. From week 2019/36 onward all CPC classifications will have classification-scheme=“CPCI”. Classification-schemes “CPC” and “CPCNO” will be discontinued from that week onward. In CLAIMS Direct we have added the CPCI value to the schema attribute in classification-cpc (see the Release Notes for more information).

Main features related to this change:

  • CPCI is maintained at the family level. When there has been a change to the CPCI picture for a given family, every member in the simple patent family (i.e., all members with the same family ID) will be updated.
  • In classification scheme=CPCI, classification symbols will be allocated by more than one authority. When different authorities have allocated the same classification symbol, the CPCI picture for one publication will contain duplicate classification symbols.
  • Duplicate classification symbols for one publication will be made unique by a two-letter authority-code. To this purpose, the element <generating-office> is populated by DocDB for every authority allocating CPCI classifications, and also for the EPO and the USPTO. In CLAIMS Direct XML, the authority-code can be found in positions 41-42 in the CPC.

April 2019: Change in number formats for Czechoslovakia/Czechia 

In the next few days some CS and CZ records will change the format of their patent numbers following DocDB recommendations. Some of the changes will include moving the year to the end for CZ publication numbers dating prior to 2000 and suppressing embedded zeroes for CZ publication numbers, applications, and priority numbers dating from 2000 onward. The following table illustrates the changes.

Country CodeKind/YearOld FormatNew Format
CSA1, A2, A3YYnnnnn(nnnnn)nYY
CZpublications before 2000YYnnnnn(nnnn)nYY
CZpublications from 2000 onwardCCYYnnnnCCYY(nnn)n
CZapplications and priorities from 2000 onwardCCYYnnnnCCYY(nnn)n

More information will be added to the release notes as we incorporate these changes.