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CPCNO indicates CPC Values include:

  • CPC: symbols that have been allocated to a document by
a national patent office.CPC indicates
  • the EPO, discontinued as of week 2019/36
  • CPCNO: symbols that have been allocated to a document by
the EPO.
  • a national patent office, discontinued as of week 2019/36
  • CPCI: CPC-International. CPCI is maintained at the family level. When there has been a change to the CPCI picture for a given family, every member in the simple patent family (i.e., all members with the same family ID) will be updated. When different authorities have allocated the same classification symbol, the CPCI picture for one publication will contain duplicate symbols. Duplicate symbols for one publication will be made unique by a two-letter authority-code, which can be found in positions 41-42 in the CPC. See for more information.
rankSequential number used to identify the rank of a symbol within a combination set