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September 2019: DTD v2.5 released, CPCI added, and bulk attachments service released

1) We have released v2.5 of the DTD. This release includes the following changes (see the XML DTD and Schemas for more details):

  • added CPCI value to schema attribute on classification-cpc 
  • made classification-cpc  unbounded (*) as child of classifications-cpc 

2) The EPO has announced that CPC-International will be rolled out starting with the next DocDB data delivery. From week 2019/36 onward all CPC classifications will have classification-scheme=“CPCI”. Classification-schemes “CPC” and “CPCNO” will be discontinued from that week onward. More information about this change can be found in Content Notifications.

3) We are releasing a new bulk attachments web service on September 1. This service is an interface to download attachments in bulk format. It is modeled on the existing XML update service which is used by on-site customers to manage updates to their CLAIMS Direct instance. Please see Bulk Attachments for full details.

July 2019: Soviet Union data added