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The IFI Corporate Intellectual Property Profile provides a succinct summary of the current patent assets held by corporate entities and their subsidiaries, including metrics such as the number of patents and patent families owned, status information, and the number of citations associated with a company’s patents. Profiles are available for over 300,000 business entities including over 9,000 Ultimate Owners representing over 150,000 subsidiaries. This service is available through the CLAIMS Direct platform as a separate subscription. If you are interested in accessing this service, please contact your sales representative.

Table of Contents

Response Members

A profile record returns the following fields:



found0 | 1 – Indicates whether a portfolio was created. If not, there may be suggestions (see suggestions below).
nameName of entity (Entity)
ultimate.nameUltimate Owner (UO) name
ultimate.addressAddress of UO headquarters
ultimate.countryUO code of country of incorporation


All UO ticker_symbol/ticker_exchange pairs
statistics.subsidiary_totalNumber of UO subsidiaries and related entities holding IP assets
last_review_dateLast review of UO
statistics.publications_totalTotal number of UO patent-related publications
statistics.publications_application_levelTotal number of UO patent applications
statistics.publications_grant_levelTotal number of UO granted patents
statistics.publications_status_activeTotal number of UO granted patents that are still in force, i.e., active
statistics.publications_status_pendingTotal number of UO patent applications that are pending
statistics.publications_status_lapsedTotal number of UO granted patents that have expired, i.e., no longer in force
statistics.publications_status_unknownTotal number of UO patent-related publications for which the status is unknown
statistics.family_totalTotal number of UO patent families
statistics.family_status_pendingTotal number of UO patent families that only contain patent applications that have not granted, i.e., that are still pending
statistics.family_status_activeTotal number of UO patent families that contain at least one granted patent that is still in force
statistics.family_status_lapsedTotal number of UO patent families for which all granted patents have expired
statistics.citations_forwardTotal number of unique forward citations, i.e., other patent publications citing UO family members
statistics.citations_backwardTotal number of unique backward citations, i.e., UO family members citing other patent publications
If a portfolio was not created, this array may be populated with relevant suggestions
scoreRelevancy score

0 | 1 – Indicates whether a name is an UO

0: Indicates that a name is not an UO
1: Indicates that a name is an UO


ParameterValuePath and Query StringExpected Results
namemeta/ipprofile?name=meta&ticker.symbol=METAA full portfolio record



wget -O- -q \


--header 'x-user:x' \


--header 'x-password:y' \




Code Block
   "ipprofile" : {
      "statistics" : {
         "publications_application_level" : 16963,
         "publications_status_active" : 22152,
         "citations_forward" : 169050,
         "publications_total" : 36536,
         "publications_status_lapsed" : 4763,
         "publications_grant_level" : 13671,
         "subsidiary_total" : 54,
         "family_status_pending" : 770,
         "citations_backward" : 105787,
         "family_status_active" : 6864,
         "publications_status_pending" : 3720,
         "family_status_lapsed" : 1364,
         "family_total" : 8998,
         "publications_status_unknown" : 5901,
         "publications_unknown_level" : 5902
      "ultimate" : {
         "country" : "US",
         "last_reviewed" : "2021-01-11",
         "name" : "Meta Platforms Inc",
         "ticker" : [
               "symbol" : "META",
               "exchange" : "XNAS"
         "address" : "1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA, 94025, US"
      "name" : "Meta Platforms Inc",
      "found" : 1
   "time" : "0.342",
   "status" : "success"