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Indexing into SOLR is controlled by an indexing daemon: aidxd. This daemon probes PostgreSQL for available load-id(s) to index. This "queue" is represented by the table reporting.t_client_index_process. See Data Warehouse Design for more information on the structure of this table. When processing is successfully completed into PostgreSQL, apgupd registers a new, index-ready load-id. The indexing daemon aidxd recognizes this as an available load-id and begins the indexing process for that particular load-id. aidxd is installed as part of the CLAIMS Direct repository. Please see the Client Tools Installation Instructions for more information about how to install this tool.


	aidxd [ Options ... ]
  --nodaemon    don't put process into background
    --once      only process one load-id
  --pidfile=s   specify location of PIDFILE
  --interval=i  n-seconds between probing for new loads
  --tmp=dir     specify temporary file storage (default=/tmp)
  --clean       remove temporary processing directory
  --batchsize=i maximum number of documents to parallelize
  --nthreads=i  maximum number of processes to parallelize
  --facility=s  logging facility (default=aidxd)
  --help        print this usage and exit
  --idxversion= 21
  --idxcls=s    Alexandria::DWH::Index::DocumentEx
  --idxexe=s    specify indexing script (default aidx)
    --quiet     suppress output from sub-process
                NOTE: suppressing this output will make it difficult
                      to track down errors originating in --idxexe
  --solrdbname=s base url for index (default=alexandria)
    --core=s     index core (default=alexandria)
  --autooptimize issue an 'optimize' call to SOLR after optinterval
                 continuous load-id(s)
    --optinterval  # of load-id(s) after which an optimize is issued
    --optsegments=n optimize down to n-segments (default=16)
  --nostatistics do not gather indexing statistics


ArgumentDescriptionDefault Value
When specified, aidxd will run in the foreground. If --once is given, --nodaemon is implied and only one load-id will be processed.N/A
--intervalTime (in seconds) between successive indexing queue probes10
--tmpTemporary processing area which holds the transformed XML before being POSTed to SOLR/tmp
--batchsizeNumber of documents to extract for indexing250
--nthreadsNumber of parallel extraction processes.
This value should be adjusted depending on available processing power on the PostgreSQL data warehouse server.
A rule of thumb would be to set this to the number of cores.
--idxversionThe version of the index21

The indexing class used in XML transformation

Base URL for indexing. If different from the default, it should have an index entry in /etc/alexandria.xmlalexandria
--autooptimizeDO NOT USE 

Daemon Execution


# v2.1: all defaults
$INSTALL_BASE/bin/aidxd --idxversion=21 --idxcls=Alexandria::DWH::Index::DocumentEx
# v2.1: Only process one load-id
$INSTALL_BASE/bin/aidxd --idxversion=21 --idxcls=Alexandria::DWH::Index::DocumentEx --once


# pause the daemon
kill -s USR1 <pid>
# resume processing
kill -s USR2 <pid>
# stop daemon entirely
Kill -s INT <pid>
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