CLAIMS Direct 2.1 provides access to the new CLAIMS Direct Solr index via a new web console at CDWI is the CLAIMS Direct Web Interface that replaces MMC ( CDWI provides a simple user interface intended for QA and data exploration. It is built directly on the CLAIMS Direct web services. CDWI allows the user to access and explore the rich data and supporting services available in CLAIMS Direct. 

CLAIMS Direct is at its core an XML data warehouse with optional Solr full text index. Access to CLAIMS Direct is through a developer-friendly, RESTful API that enables developers to rapidly create patent applications. CLAIMS Direct also enables subscribers to install a complete copy of the data warehouse in their data center or cloud hosting service. With a complete patent database, developers and analysts can use whatever search or analysis tools they wish. 

The database that powers CLAIMS Direct is carefully curated and constantly updated. Data is delivered in a consistent, extended ST36 XML format. Every record from every authority conforms to the same DTD. We provide over 150 million records from 100+ authorities and over 110 million full text records from 45 authorities. The database contains value-added translations, legal status, and standardized names for the largest patent authorities.  

In CDWI you will find:

  • powerful search and data selection capabilities
  • easy access to all of the CLAIMS Direct data including XML, JSON, attachments, families, citations, and more
  • a convenient way to explore data faceting, grouping, and other Solr capabilities
  • a reporting service that lets you create custom CSV files or small XML exports
  • the ability to access and explore IFI's Assignee/Applicant ranking
  • and much, much more

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